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Al-Forsan International Schools (FIS) serve children in Riyadh and Al-Dammam .
Ajialuna Educational Company is a leader in the Saudi Arabian education industry .
Our schools are dedicated to international education, while ensuring that
Students remain firmly rooted to their own language and Islamic culture .

Established in 2013
FIS opened its doors in September 2013 for children in kindergarten through
Second grade. In the following years, our goals have been to fulfill Ajialuna’s
Original vision and establish more classes for students up to 12th grade at both
Girls’ and boys’ campuses in Riyadh and Ar Rakah (Eastern Province).

In 2018-19, we have opened Ar Rakah campuses for students in Pre-KG through
Grade 3 and we have continued to open more grades in the following years
for both campuses.

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Al Forsan International Schools are
Leaders in international education .
Preserving the local culture and
Identity to develop globally
Responsible citizens .

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Al Forsan International Schools Inspire
Challenge, and Empower students to realize
their unique potential, academically,
intellectually, socially, ethically
and internationally .



At Al Forsan international schools, we aim to help every student
Develop academically, socially and emotionally .

Our educational approach is firmly grounded in the belief that each child
Is a unique individual,. We will continually work towards developing an
Enriching curriculum that fosters the develop of our students across
Multiple spheres .



Safe and Attractive

Students need to feel safe and secure to learn and fully participate
One of our goals is to create classrooms that are organized and
Characterized by mutual respect allowing for effective learning .

Our educators implement interactive approaches such as small
Groups and cooperative learning, thus  creating environments
Where students feel safe asking questions and contributing
To discussions .

Classrooms Include
Interactive Smart Boards

Our classes include computers equipped with SMART Board
Interactive whiteboards and broadband Internet connections.
These resources are significant in contributing to a teaching/learning
Environment which is beneficial for both students and teachers .


Our school libraries serve to ensure that all members of the school
community have equal access to a unique environment that
provides printed and multimedia resources .


Our Computer Laboratories are academic facilities furnished to
Meet the need of teaching the latest technology to our children
FIS’s five well-equipped computer labs feature advanced
Infrastructure in terms of hardware and software, catering
To the requirements of students, teachers and
The curriculum .


These are places where the instinctive curiosity of our students
Is evident and supported. FIS ensures that all of our science
Laboratories are highly sophisticated and fully equipped for
Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects and provide an
Environment that encourages and develops our
Students’ experimentation and research skills .

Play Areas
Indoor and Outdoor

FIS provides excellent facilities for a wide range of sports offered
through curricular and extra-curricular activities. There are many
sports venues on site, including courts for squash and football,
running tracks, and three soccer pitches .


FIS’ auditoriums are built to high professional standards And are used to host both student and faculty events .

Indoor Swimming Pools
In Ar Rakah

We offer a wide range of aquatic activities at our school
Swimming pools, including aqua aerobics, water babies
And children's fun aquatic clubs .

Supervised Transportation
To Ensure Students’ Safety

We are committed to offering students with safe, reliable and
Professional transportation services to and from home .