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Students who apply to join Al Forsan International School
Have to sit for a placement test. The placement test will
Have different types based on the grade level

Early childhood: 

The purpose of early childhood interview is to see whether children are ready for academic environment. During interview, teacher will measure the child's ability to learn, his/ her academic background, his/her ability to follow directions and testing their cognitive skills as well. 

Be reminded that English language background is not a mandatory for accepting your child, however he might be recommended to be in certain group based on his English Language skills. 

The interview is scheduled for 15 minutes. The result of the interview will be emailed to the parents within 2 business days with more information regarding the next step in the admission process.

Elementary Level (Grade 1-2):

The placement test for elementary level will be approximately one hour divided into 3 parts: 

           30 minutes computerized test (Grade 1 only will be interview test):  

Student will be guided to the computer lab to do math and language test. During the test they will be accompanied with supervisor for any testing difficulty. 


           15 minutes writing test. This test will measure students' ability in writing within grade level. 


           15 minutes with the counselor: students will meet our school's counselor who will spend time with students to measure his/her social emotional and conversational skills. 

The results will be emails to the parents within 2 business days with more information regarding the admission process. 

Upper Elementary, Middle and high schools

level (3- 11)

The placement test for grades 3 – 11 will be the Measure of Academic Progress test (MAP). The MAP test will be in reading, language usage, and mathematics which is currently set up in the FIS computer labs. MAP test is a computer adaptive test, which means every student gets a unique set of test questions based on responses to previous questions.    

The MAP test program adjusts its level of difficulty based on the student responses to retrieve informative data based on each student’s individual academic level. The results will be emails to the Parents within 2 business days with more information regarding the admission process. 

Important note: Boys grade 4-11 will do the test on Boys' Campus 

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