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Education is considered one of the most important foundations for grooming future leaders.   The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is truly committed toward building the nation and caring for its citizens, and education has been a top priority for the last five decades. This development plan stems from the eminent instruction to prepare a strategy that will transform the community into a cognitive, prosperous society, capable of coping with and challenging world development through education.

Schools are essential for such a development plan as they are institutions of normalization that specialize in  character-building using an integral and balanced approach. Formal education seeks to facilitate building intellect, consciousness, and socialization, thereby developing effective and active members of society who are capable of effecting social change, undertaking responsibility, and contributing to the building of a better world.

In accordance with these directives, Ajialuna Educational Company takes part in realizing these goals by creating an attractive educational environment and implementing the highest quality standards.  Ajialuna Educational Company achieves its objectives by producing distinguished and competent leaders for both  local and global markets.