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Al Forsan International School is one of the best international schools in Saudi Arabia.  We are a Cognia accredited school serving students in grades K-12 . Our desire is to promote high academic achievement and develop lifelong learners that will succeed in the world beyond the classroom.

Our Extra Programs


Homework Club

Is getting homework done a constant struggle?

ِAlforsan International school's homework club offers a place for your child to work in a supportive environment out of school hours to assist students in completing their homework.

  • Weekly English, math & science progress report direct to your inbox.

  •  Follows the curriculum plan.

  • Keeps your child's learning on track.

Time: 5 days a week . ( afterschool time)

Extra Cost : SAR 1500  monthly.


Reinforcement class

Does your child need an extra academic support?

 Alforsan International School offers reinforcement classes on all core subjects for all students who needed an extra help.

Time: 2 days a week . ( afterschool time)

Extra Cost : Free.


 Preparatory Program 

Is your child ready for Grade 1 ?

Our Grade 1 Summer Preparatory Program will be designed to prepare our incoming 2021-22 Grade 1 students to transition into the Grade 1 Curriculum.


We will offer language classes which will consist of Phonics/Reading, Grammar/Writing and Handwriting lessons. Math classes will teach CCSS math concepts which will prepare the students for Grade 1 level Math. 

Time: Attending physically for 4 weeks . ( Summer 2021)

Extra Cost : Free.




After school Activities 

Looking for fun activities for your child after school? 

Alforsan International School's unique After School Activities (ASA) program last for approximately 60 minutes after school hours. Students have a chance to choose from a wide array of arts, karate, drama, gymnastics, and many more exciting activities. 

Time: hour ( after school time)

Extra Cost : SAR 500